Argan oil

Argan oil


  • Argan is a bush that grows only in the southwest region of Souss in Morocco. The argan nut is harvested in the traditional way. The shells are very hard, so the kernels are removed by hand.

    Argan oil is obtained by cold pressing the argan seeds. This oil has softening, moisturizing and, above all, protecting and revitalizing properties as it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. This oil is especially suitable for manufacturing products for damaged and aging skin types, moisturizing creams, body milks and anti-wrinkle regenerative creams. The argan oil used in cosmetics is exclusively cold pressed.

    It is also very popular in cooking for its aroma and strong taste. It is good for flavoring salads, sauces, meats, barbecues and vegetables. Argan seeds are first roasted to enhance their taste and then processed to produce edible oil.

    Packaging (net weight)

    ·         Containers IBC - 950 Kg

    ·         Barrels - 250 Kg.

    ·         Bottles - 25 Kg.

    ·         Other packaging available upon request

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