Walnut oil

Walnut oil


  • Walnuts are the healthiest nuts for the heart. They contain considerable amounts of alphalinolenic acid (6.8% of the fat content), linked to the reduction of cholesterol.

    Walnuts are a worthwhile source of vegetable proteins, with a significant arginine content which is also liked to the prevention of cardiovascular disorders. Walnuts are considered to be an important antioxidant thanks to their vitamin E content. This helps prevent ageing, certain types of cancer and cardiovascular disorders. They provide appreciable amounts of vitamins B1 and B6 which help the muscles and brain to work well. They also provide minerals such as copper, zinc, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

    The oil is obtained by expeller pressing the walnuts. Due to our refining process, the resulting oil has no taste or aroma at all. This oil is also rich in vitamin E and polysaturated fatty acids so it has excellent anti-cholesterol properties. Its intestinal antiparasitic and laxative properties, when rancid, have been known since ancient times. It is also a good drying oil.

    Packaging (net weight)

    ·         Containers IBC - 950 Kg

    ·         Barrels - 250 Kg.

    ·         Bottles - 25 Kg.

    ·         Other packaging available upon request

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