Sesame oil

Sesame oil


  • The oil is obtained from expeller pressing the sesame seeds, which are very small, 3-4 millimeters long and up to 2 millimeters wide. The seeds are flat and their color may be white, creamy or black, depending on the variety. Approximately half of the seed's weight is made up of oil, and the rest is made up of proteins, about 37%, carbohydrates, about 8% and minerals, about 2%.

    The oil is a pale yellow color and due to our refining process, the resulting oil has no taste or aroma at all. Scientific studies have revealed its appreciative qualities as a solar filter for UVB radiation. It is a natural tanning stimulant and protects the skin against dehydration. This oil tones the skin, so it is recommended for flabby skin treatments. It has a pleasant flavor and aroma. It has equal proportions of oleic (monounsaturated) and linoleic (polyunsaturated) oil. It also has a natural antioxiant called sesamol, which keeps it stable and resistant to oxidation.

    Packaging (net weight)

    ·         Containers IBC - 950 Kg

    ·         Barrels - 250 Kg.

    ·         Bottles - 25 Kg.

    ·         Other packaging available upon request

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