Almond oil

Almond oil


  • The oil is obtained by expeller pressing the almonds. Due to our refining process, the resulting pale yellow oil has no taste or aroma at all. Sweet almond oil is the first choice for most aromatherapeutics when selecting a carrier vegetable oil because the oil is suitable all skin types. 

    Sweet almond oil is used on its own to moisturize and nourish the skin: no other essential oils are added. It has glycerides, glucosides, olein, linoleic acid, minerals, vitamins and proteins. It is an excellent lubricant for the skin, especially if the skin is dry and inflamed. It can be used in any cosmetic or pharmaceutical product as an active principle or as a carrier in the oily phase; there is no limit to the proportions to be used.

    Packaging (net weight)

    ·         Containers IBC - 950 Kg

    ·         Barrels - 250 Kg.

    ·         Bottles - 25 Kg.

    ·         Other packaging available upon request

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