Herbal liqueur with saffron

Herbal liqueur with saffron


  • The Saffron Liqueur is a liqueur made by craftsmen using traditional dedicated to this work for many years and is the result of experience, originality and the need to market a desktop liquor with a moderate alcohol content, in this case 23°.

    The liquor is obtained by maceration in ethyl alcohol obtained from wine, sugar, water and 12 herbs, all with digestive principles, grass predominates over the others is the Jiloca crocus, this spice gives the liqueur tastes very special and apart from other herbal liqueurs substantially, liquor color is completely natural given saffron.

    This liquor should be kept in a refrigerator because of its low grade not they should be maintained at temperatures below 0°, combines perfectly with sweets and chocolates and a unique gift idea is unmatched, has a great balance in flavor and aroma resulting high degree of satisfaction for people who do not like strong drinks.

    • Available in two formats 0,50 liter and 0.20 liter.

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