• Hazelnuts or filberts constitute a healthy, highly practical food which can be eaten without any great preparation and are an excellent complement in cake-baking. Hazelnuts, like all vegetables, have no cholesterol. Their vegetable protein is of very high quality, as it contains a high proportion of arginine, which is a type of amino acid which plays an important part in the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

    Hazelnuts also provide many healthy minerals including copper, manganese, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Hazelnuts contain a lot of vegetable fibre, largely insoluble, which is beneficial for colon transit and avoids constipation. The fatty acids in hazelnuts are largely unsaturated, of the monounsaturate type, and are rich in oleic acid which turns into "authentic natural olive oil capsules" and are therefore highly beneficial to the heart and to health in general, as they reduce cholesterol levels.

    Hazelnuts are a good natural source of vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant in the tissues of the human body; they also provide appreciable amounts of vitamins in the B group, including B6 and folic acid. A 30g portion of hazelnuts provides 90% of the recommended daily amount of folic acid, which is important for a healthy pregnancy and for the health of newlyborns.


    • 10 Kg. (Net weight) plastic bags in carton boxes
    • 12,5 Kg. (Net weight) plastic bags in carton boxes
    • 25 Kg. (Net weight) Polyethilene sacks
    • 50 Kg. (Net weight) Polyethilene sacks
    • 50 Kg. (Net weight) Jute sacks
    • 50 Kg. (Gross weight) Jute sacks
    • 1.000 Kg. Big Bags

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